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Today the news has been filled with Jacob Reese-Mogg’s sister (and Nigel Farage) launching The Brexit Party, and with continued anti-Theresa May and anti-EU rhetoric in the Sun; Express and Mail (as expected). What I want to focus on for you is the news stories that deserve more of your attention, than perhaps the rolling news networks will give you – so here is your “less prominent political headlines” round-up.

My favourite news article of the day

The headline reads “As Boris Johnson eyes up Tory leadership, Operation Arse II is good to go” and focuses on Ruth Davidson being the only one who can prevent the rise of Boris Johnson. You can read the article on the Dail Record website. But the article is very humours in its approach and outlook.


Boris Johnson in secret talks with the DUP

It emerged rather late last night that Boris Johnson in his bid to become leader of the Conservative Party – bearing in mind there isn’t even a leadership election process going on, officially – is meeting with the Democratic Unionist Party in secret (so naturally everyone in Parliament and Fleet Street knows about it).

BoJo met with DUP leader Arlene Foster and DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds on Wednesday, and follows a recent spate of meetings with the DUP by various pretenders to Ms May’s poisoned-challice crown. Why anyone wants to be head of the Tories is beyond me, especially at the moment, it would be a thankless job, but I guess the potential kick-backs could be worth it?

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First it was boats, now its trains – Failing Grayling scores own-goal again

I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who thinks Abellio is a decent train service provider – but they’ve won the East Midlands franchise; awarded to them by Failing Chris Grayling, MP. Loud-mouth Mark Francois described this as ‘another Grayling cock-up’; which is just further evidence for Francois how much they share in common.

Anyway, the basic issue is that Brian Souter’s StageCoach (which also owns CityLink; Megabus); in conjunction with Richard Branson’s Virgin Train were rejected after refusing to take on the ‘long-term pension liability’. Remember that Brian Souter is one of the largest financial donators to the SNP and also to Glasgow Prosperity Based Cult-Like Church “Destiny” (with “Apostle” Andrew Owen). And helped the latter bankroll the trip of Prosperity and charlatan preacher Creflo Dollar (aka Dollar-A-Minute Ministries) to the Armadillo (again ‘connected’ with Souter). And combine with the political persuasion and desire to stick it to the Conservatives on behalf of the SNP; as well as Richard Branson, who not so long sued the NHS because they denied him a contract he felt he was entitled too… so we could see this one go all the way to a large payout for Branson and Souter.

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Coup D’état in Sudan

It seems only yesterday that the South Sudan was seperated in a landslide referendum result from Sudan, that helped to bring to an end the second independence war which lasted over 20 years; the first lasted for 17 years (1955-1972). And yet that was 2011; and the problem now is not South Sudan, but Sudan itself.

The Coup D’état follows months of protests by the people of Sudan against President Omar al-Bashir’s ,75, regime who came to power in 1989 following his own coup. The Sudanese military arrested the President and the announcement of the coup was made on the state broadcaster by the Minister of Defence dressed in Military attire.

The military plans to rule the country exclusively (after desoliving the government) for two years – this will be followed by fair and free elections – they will also close the broders; issue a curfew and announced a state of emergency for three months. Protesters are already breaking curfew having previously committed to a ‘sit-in’ outside the Army’s HQ, prior to the cuop. Their fear, which now continues with greater anxiety, is that the military will shrug-off the general populations desire for a ‘civilian transition’ from dictator to democracy.

Protests against al-Bashir began back in December, he responded harshly, resulting in dozens of deaths and banned unauthorised gathering. Following the Coup D’état South Sudan is worried about its already fragile peace with their northern former overlords.

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Dispicable propaganda firm boast about dodgy election tactics in Israel

A dispicable supposed PR firm, representing current Israeli President Netanyahu’s Likud party boasted of over 1,200 hidden cameras in Arab polling station – which resulted in riots at polling stations, and a huge drop in Arab voters in this crucial general election which saw the Israeli right-wing parties score victory despite being nearly beaten by a very left-wing and righteous coalition, called The Blue and White Party.

Netanyahu won almost exactly the same percentage of the vote as the Blue and White Party, but remains in power through the numbers won by the far-right of Israel’s politics. Netanyahu is considered one of the far right.

The propaganda firm, masquarading as a Public Relations firm, called Kaizler Inbar was so proud of their achievement they posted to Facebook – their achievement:

“The voting percentage has dropped below 50 per cent, the lowest in recent years. This is the place to say a huge thank you to the 1,350 people of the field.”

This certainly coercive act that goes against all ethical practice within Public Relations; and is responsible for such a violation of people’s freedom to vote – based on race (and therefore a racist act); was clearly designed to prevent the victory of the Blue & White Party, who seemed to be polling fairly well amongst the Arab population.

READ MORE: The Jewish Chronicle. If you’d like to know what kinds of standards PR firms should hold to visit: PRSA or CIPR.

Other Stories

India: India’s general elections are taking place at the moment; and will see 900 million people vote – its the largest democratic exercise ever.

The Washington Post or Metro

NHS, UK: Waiting Times in Accident & Emergency last year were the worst they had been in 15 years

The Independent

Labour Party, UK: UK Labour Party explores ‘automatic voter registration’ to boost election turnou


Poundland, UK: £1.50 babygrow slogan ‘Lock up your daughters’ teaches boys to be sex pests according to mum.

Daily Record

High Street, UK: According to Sky Views the High Street isn’t dying, it’s becoming more relevant.

Sky News

Jeremy Corbyn, UK: Jeremy Corbyn once visited Tory Party HQ and even drunk pints with them, according to the Shropshire Star.

Shropshire Star

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